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Student Innovation Fellowships announced for the 2022-23 year

The Thornton Tomasetti Foundation is excited to announce the recipients of its prestigious Student Innovation Fellowship for the current academic year.

The Foundation’s commitment to cultivating the next generation of engineering leaders is underscored by the award of $5,000 granted to each chosen student to fuel innovative research projects.

Endorsed by their respective department chairs, the selected proposals underwent a thorough review by a jury, including Timothy Ashworth, Kris Dahl, Alex Kelly, and Sebastian Mendes.

Kimia Yousefi Anarak

Yousefi Anarak is a PhD student at Colorado State University majoring in structural engineering. Anarak’s pivotal research involves studying the trajectory of wind-borne debris in turbulent urban wind fields. Anarak’s focus on the connection between natural disasters and structural design, fortified by her Masters in Earthquake Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, is a significant step toward her goal of developing a model capable of predicting debris trajectory statistics during hurricanes.

In Kyu Jeon

Jeon is a PhD student from Texas A&M University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Jeon’s research targets the development of a 3-D printable alkali-activated mixture enhanced with phase change materials, aiming to boost sustainability and energy-efficiency in buildings. Inspired by his existing research on building facades and envelopes, Jeon is keen to explore ways to diminish the energy consumption attributed to a building’s exterior.

The Thornton Tomasetti Foundation takes pride in nurturing the talent and ambition of these extraordinary students. Through the Student Innovation Fellowship, the Foundation aims to facilitate research that will bring substantial progress in the domains of structural engineering and applied mechanics.

About The Thornton Tomasetti Foundation:

The Thornton Tomasetti Foundation, a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization established in February 2008, is focused on funding fellowships, scholarships and internships for undergraduate students and those planning to pursue graduate studies in building engineering, design, or technology. It also provides financial support for individuals and organizations pursuing philanthropic activities related to building engineering, design, or technology. Key elements of the program are college scholarships, traveling internships and grants to and partnerships with nonprofit organizations.