Architecture, Engineering and Construction Grants

The Thornton Tomasetti Foundation accepts proposals from individuals who represent organizations wishing to fund activities or projects through grants that support the development of the AEC industry. Students seeking to apply for a fellowship or support for education costs should work through the department head and/or dean of their college or university to apply for a Thornton Tomasetti Foundation scholarship. The Foundation does not accept requests from individual students.

The Foundation has a rolling schedule for Architecture, Engineering and Construction grant proposals and considers applications as they are received. We will confirm receipt of your application and at that time give you an approximate time for a decision.

Grant Winners

Successful applicants are asked to submit a progress report (500 words) with photographs during the middle of the program and a final report (1000 words) at the end of the program with photographs and a few figures, if applicable.


Please email your complete application on your organization’s letterhead with the following details:

  • Mission

    The function and mission of your organization, including information about the board of directors. (150 words)

  • Description

    Description of project, including, but not limited to: purpose and benefits, location, budget, schedule, leaders and other contributors (committed & potential)

  • Funding

    How will funding be used? Indicate the percentage of funding for administrative costs. (100 words)

  • Lessons Learned

    How will lessons learned from this project be applied to other projects or programs? (100 words)

  • Summary

    Provide a summary of a past projects, including description, budget and dates started and completed. (1 page max)

  • Apply

    Please email your complete application on your organization’s letterhead. If you have any questions please contact us for assistance.

“These young minds are the future of the AEC industry, and their passion, coupled with technology and research, will allow them to develop innovative and creative solutions to some of the industry’s biggest questions.” – Richard Tomasetti

Latest Architecture, Engineering and Construction Grants


Disaster Prevention

Funding for a home strengthening program in high disaster risk areas in the Philippines. Photo courtesy Build Change.


Resilient Housing

Financial support for safe housing and resilient income for communities in Western Nepal. Photo courtesy Archive Global.


Essential Bridges

Two bridges in a high-flood zone, allowing 7,000 residents improved access to services and resources. Photo courtesy Engineers In Action.

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